CAERT's mission is to develop materials and training that support science-based instruction in all areas of agricultural and environmental education.


Center for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Training, Inc., CAERT, was established in 1997 to serve the research and development needs of agricultural and environmental educators. Its mission is to develop
materials and provide training that support a sustainable future. Its emphasis lies in assisting local, state, and national institutions in developing materials that promote the integration of science and technology into the agriculture classroom. CAERT specializes in developing curriculum that meets local and national learning standards in the science and math areas. All curriculum is produced in a user-friendly format that makes it attractive to both teachers and students. CAERT's training programs are tailor-made to meet the local needs of teachers. The programs may be designed as stand alone professional development activities or as support for more effective implementation of new curriculum. Most training is laboratory-based and activity-oriented. Participants take an active role in all sessions.