How to enable "Cookie" for CAERT without compromising privacy and personal security level?
Internet Explorer Users

<Step 1>

Start up your Internet Explorer => 'Tools' from the menu option => Select 'Internet Options...'

<Step 2>

'Internet Options' window will pop up with 'General' tab selected. Click on 'Privacy' tab to adjust your privacy setting.

<Step 3>

Bottom of the 'Internet Options' windows, you will see a menu called 'Web Sites' and a button 'Edit...' Click on 'Edit' button.

<Step 4>

'Per Site Privacy Actions' window will pop up.

(1) Type in in the blank address.

(2) Click on 'Allow' button. (You may notice that caert / Always Allow will automatically appear on the bottom window 'Managed Web Sites' and this is normal.)

(3) Click on 'Ok' button to apply this change.

<Step 5>

'Internet Option' window will appear again. Just simply click on 'OK' button to apply your change. Done!

This change will allow Microsoft Internet Explorer to accept 'Session Cookie' from which helps you maintain your authenticated connection (after login).



Netscape users:
From you browser window choose

Edit> Preferences,>Advanced>Cookies

Select "Allow Cookies that get sent back to the originating server"