Center for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Training's principals bring a unique blend of talent and experience.

Daniel J. Pentony- President
Dan has over 18 years experience in management and market trends in agriculture education. He regularly works with educators and state staffs in developing and implementing new curricula that promote the integration of science and technology in the classroom while meeting state learning goals and standards. This is very important in addressing accountability issues.

Jasper S. Lee- Vice-President, Curriculum Planning

Jasper holds a doctorate in agricultural education from the University of Illinois. He has had an active career in curriculum and instructional materials design and development. Dr. Lee has authored dozens of textbooks and ancillary materials that are widely used in agriculture education programs throughout the United States. He continues to be recognized as one of the leading agricultural educators in the country.

Cathy Hofmann- Project Management & Special Services

Cathy has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Special Education and brings a wealth of experience as a teacher and special education cooperative director.  She has experience in customizing materials to specific students' needs and uses her expertise to create authentic assessments to help all students achieve to their highest level.